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Hi I'm Charles McChesney. Welcome to my website. I'm an artist and here is some of my art.

This is the way I look..

By the way, a signed limited edition print of any picture, 11x14", can be purchased by merely giving me an e-mail (the prices on all pictures are $40.00)Also unsigned unnumbered posters of different sizes of many of my works can be had at much cheaper prices at: McChesney Zazzle Posters


My gallery is located at Galleria Futura

Well now on with the show:

Night Fairy


And so I ventured onwards.... Have you ever felt like you were in a dream, trapped, unable to control what was happening, even when you knew how everything would unfold? The Other Place was like that. I wandered further in to the place I knew from my dreams. A sky warning catastrophe. Twin Peaks, like castles, splintering the sky, making you feel like all that rumbling could explode on you at any time... It was then I noticed the crow above me... the constant shadow following me through time and space, and my surreal, lucid continuity... It landed on the highest tip of the furthermost glacial tower... It was then that I really took in the vision before me.... Green all around me, yet these castles stood, as if risen from the very ground that held them, made totally of ice, frozen and solid, fragile yet firm, and strong, and ominous. They drew me, and I swore, as I climbed the windy hills, that I could hear a song echoing from it's innermost chambers... A low haunting melody, sung by a siren, drawing me to my supposed death.. {"Mya!! come inside now..." } As I drew clearer, a thousand young maidens appeared before me, behind the ice, all singing, moving simultaneously, their eyes staring blankly, as if in some hypnotic spell, destined to sing their haunting melody until the end of time. {"I'll be right in Mom!" replied Mya, all the while never meaning it, tying her skates as she spoke} The melody was too much.. I knew it from somewhere, from a distant dream, a memory, it reminded me of something, something bad.... {She skated on the ice, content in the crisp night air. She began to sing. A little lullaby she'd heard in a dream. Above her, a crow flapped across the velvet sky.} The terror engulfed me... the crow ... it was all connected. It flapped it's wings furiously. I knew now... that night, the ice, I thought frozen solid. {Mya's mother noticed that Mya wasn't in yet. Terror struck her as she noticed the crow. They only ever moved from their warm home by the lake if disturbed. And where was Mya? The ice on that lake was too thin...} The crow, warning me, the sky warning me.... {Thunder boomed, startling Mya, and the crow, which flapped furiously between the trees. In her fear, she didn't realize the ice cracking. She skated further in to the middle of the lake, as something glinted in the pale moonbeams} the maiden's song.. suddenly I could make it out.... {"Mya!! You can't skate on the lake yet!!} Then I remembered... the maidens weren't there.. {A shard of ice caught her eye... something beneath it's surface...} and when you look into ice crystals, you see yourself a thousand times, seemingly trapped inside the ice.... The Ice shattered. All went black.
by Maloventii De Violentii

Red Shadow


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